Congratulations to the delightful couple John and Chrissy for welcoming their first child together. Teigen, a 30-year-old TV host and supermodel and her husband Legend were so excited to let the world know of their little bundle of joy who was born on Thursday the 14th, a lovely daughter!

Chrissy took to social media today in a jovial mood and wrote to her fans on her Instagram account addressing her followers; ‘‘She’s here! Luna Simone Stephens, we are so in love with you! And sleepy. Very sleepy.’’ She wrote, letting people know what they had finally named her. Teigen and Legend’s daughter weighed a healthy 6 pounds and 11 ounces and once Chrissy shared the news with her followers, her account exploded with overjoyed fans and congratulatory remarks flooded through.

John was also over the moon with the birth of his child and he also made it official to his followers on twitter by tweeting; ‘‘Our new love is here!’’ he also shared the name of his daughter and the date she was born and. Legend; whose real name is John Roger Stephens also expressed how happy he was in the tweets.

Chrissy touched a lot of hearts when she became quite candid about her and her husband’s conception struggles. In fact, sometime last year she also let people know that they had undergone the in-vitro-fertilization procedure in a bid to get pregnant. She said that they had been struggling to have kids for the past six years but their efforts seemed to bear no fruits till their dreams finally came true. Later on in December is when she revealed that John and she were expecting a daughter sometime this year. In an interview by People, Chrissy also revealed that they actually picked out the sex of their child. She picked the baby girl ‘‘from her little embryo’’ she said in the interview. She also revealed that that was not their first, they are hoping to have more kids in future.

Fellow celebrities went out of their way to express their happiness for them by going all out on baby shower bashes. The Kardashian family hosted a bash for her and the baby shower featured thematic colors of white and pink. The celebration also consisted of John’s childhood face prominently displayed on a vast range of desserts which of course included a large cake. 

Amid the anticipation and celebration, the charming celebrity couple also shared some of their apparently hilarious fears when they were expecting the baby. In the Big Boy’s Neighborhood Show for Real 92.3 FM radio back in February, John joked that his wife Chrissy said that she was under lots of pressure since everyone was saying that she would ultimately be a cute baby…what if she isn’t as cute as people expected? However, despite that hilarious fear, Legend insisted that their main concern was for their baby to come into the world a healthy little girl.

We are all happy for this fervent couple in one of their biggest steps as a family. Hopefully we will get to see more baby Legends in the near future!